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We put your videos and visual content in the top ranks of Videos Search, Autoplay Algorithms, Suggested Videos and Social Media video searches. We ensure best quality traffic for your videos and media content.

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44% of people start their online shopping with a Search Engine. & 23.6% of ecommerce orders are directly linked to Organic Traffic. 37.5% of all traffic to ecommerce sites comes from Search. For Amazon.com, research found that 90% of all product page views came from on-site searches.

Amazon & eComm Marketplaces Store Sales

An ecommerce website is your digital storefront on the internet. It facilitates the transaction between a buyer and seller. It is the virtual space where you showcase your products, and your online customers make their selections. Your website acts as the product shelves, sales staff, and cash register of your online business channel.

Online Reputation Creation & Development, Improving Reviews & Ratings and Adverse Reputation Repair

Online reputation refers to the overall perception others have of you or your company or your products or services based on information they can search and find on the Internet. It includes search results, images, videos, social media mentions and more.

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Social Media Listening – Online Reputation Monitoring

What is social listening?

Social listening is tracking social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin for brand & company related conversations and mentions along with user feedbacks, reviews, ratings & then analyzing them for insights to discover opportunities to act.

It’s a three-step process:

Step 1:   List out the Social Media platforms and their channels which we know would have a majority of the brands/company’s consumers, clients, partners and influence makers active on it. This is to understand the impact of their posts & trends w..r.t. to the brand & company’s business. Also the right tools for listening on social media is to be addressed in this.

Step 2:
Target the relevant channels like newsfeeds, comments, hashtags etc. to monitor users conversations and engagements. Next use the tools crawlers to monitor social media channels for mentions of your brand, competitors, products, and keywords on these channels. This should be a fastest time data gathering process so as to enable prompt action to it.

Step 2: Collate & analyze the information/sentiment gathered on a periodic basis for ways to put what you understand from it into action. That can be something as small as responding to a happy customer or something as big as shifting your entire brand positioning. Also, many of the trending memes or meme of some old post of the brand may emerge out unexpectedly by the social media users and it is useful to have a strategy to counter it instantly.


How is social listening different from social monitoring?

At first glance, social listening might seem like social media monitoring, but the two concepts actually differ in important ways.

Social media monitoring is all about collecting the conversation & engagement data. It allows you to look back at what has already happened using metrics such as:

  • Brand mentions, Brand Reach, Brand Followers
  • Relevant hashtags
  • Competitor mentions, Trends on Social Media.
  • Industry trends

Social listening looks beyond the numbers to consider the mood behind the data. This “online mood” is also called social media sentiment.

Social media sentiment analysis is a key part of social media listening because it helps you understand how people feel or are forming perceptions about you and your competitors on a timeline basis. Instead of just counting the number of times your brand gets mentioned, you understand the overall emerging sentiments and behavioural patterns from social conversations to drive brand imagery & promotion.


sitekit google, sitekit by google

Google’s New SiteKit WordPress SEO Feature

WordPress website owners and webmasters were always overstretched in viewing and measuring their web analytics, search console data, page speed analysis and other seo and analytics data in multiple accounts and sources to evaluate their campaigns for Google for top seo rankings.

They would be hopping across to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Lighthouse, Page Speed tools time and again to obtain the desired information to develop and grow their websites and content into Google Search, Google Shopping, Google News listings. This Site Kit is a great website integrated tool you can use to now measure all of the above in the WordPress dashboard itself.

To help you build, maintain, and grow your online presence, Google Site Kit gives you easy-to-understand metrics and actionable insights directly on your WordPress dashboard with a simple click of an plugin install onto your WordPress Content Management System.

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