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Google’s New SiteKit WordPress SEO Feature

WordPress website owners and webmasters were always overstretched in viewing and measuring their web analytics, search console data, page speed analysis and other seo and analytics data in multiple accounts and sources to evaluate their campaigns for Google for top seo rankings.

They would be hopping across to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Lighthouse, Page Speed tools time and again to obtain the desired information to develop and grow their websites and content into Google Search, Google Shopping, Google News listings. This Site Kit is a great website integrated tool you can use to now measure all of the above in the WordPress dashboard itself.

To help you build, maintain, and grow your online presence, Google Site Kit gives you easy-to-understand metrics and actionable insights directly on your WordPress dashboard with a simple click of an plugin install onto your WordPress Content Management System.

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SEO Starter Kit for our Readers

I would like to thank – HubSpot and Ryte for this SEO Starter Kit template for our audience.

SEO is a very dynamic domain with new technology parameters, new algorithms, new local seo, mobile seo, video seo and lots more changes every couple of weeks.

Google is the leading Search Engine all over the world with an exception or two,,,and is releaasing Algorithm updates to enhance the content ranked and displayed online in search results.

With such enormous knowledge bank to work with, the SEO optimizer mostly gets taut with expectations with starting off with the SEO project.
Lately, many SEO optimizers begin off with keyword targeting mostly and kinda run into u about turn with the project in the middle of the ongoing submissions and on page work.

So I would like to share the updated SEO Starter kit template here with you.